CV Writing Virtual Workshop

with Elaine Weir, an experienced Executive CV Writer

This 2-hour session will transform how you write your CV!


You’re ready to take that next step in your career but it’s just not happening for you. That CV is heading out of the door each day faster than Usain Bolt out of the starting blocks!

Yet all you hear is crickets, nada, nothing, tumbleweed as far as the eye can see. You can’t even ask for feedback to make improvements as you don’t actually hear anything.

You know there’s a problem. You know you need to solve it. You know if you can just get a foot in the door you can sell yourself in the interview.

But how to get that CV opening those doors for you?

You want that next career step but who knew getting a new job could be so bloody hard… You just don’t know where the problem lies……but you do know it feels like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel of rejection.

Ready for a solution?

I’ll talk you through the exact steps I use to write my 1:1 client CVs.

The same process I use that’s gets 90% of my clients interviews as soon as they use their new CV.

The same process that got Kathryn a new job after 15 years in the same role. In fact Kathryn only applied for one role and she got it!

The same process that took Mark from no interviews to 3 booked interviews within 7 days of having his new CV.

90% of my clients get an interview for the first role they apply for, so I know this process works.

“I contacted Elaine after receiving a recommendation from a mutual connection of ours. Elaine is genuine, compassionate, helpful, encouraging and understanding……. The advice she gave me was so clear and straightforward; explaining what my CV needed to say and what recruiters are looking for. For instance, the layout, words to use and, crucially, why it is so important to do thorough research on the roles you are looking for. If you need help, some clarity or need a sounding board, I highly recommend talking with Elaine, As as a result of talking to Elaine, I now have a much clearer idea of how to approach my CV update and I am truly grateful to her..”

Evelyn Jackson
via LinkedIn Recommendations


Are you ready to move to the next level but there are no opportunities in your current company? You’ve been with that company for so long you’ve no idea how to craft a CV.

Are you ready to move up a level but your CV is outdated and needs a face-lift to match your aspirations?

Are other less experienced colleagues moving ahead of you? You think it’s time to put yourself out there, but it’s so scary… you need a confidence boost in your own skills & abilities.

Are you already trying to find a new role but it’s just not happening? Those interviews are just not coming…

Is the constant rejection affecting your confidence?

You know you can do those roles….. You know you are ready yet you don’t know why you’re not getting a foot in the door.

You know if you could meet those recruiters they’d snap you up in an instant.

This is a process that has proven itself each time I produce a CV for my clients.

When you follow this process you will re-affirm your achievements, increase your self-confidence, and belief in yourself. You will approach the job search with the right mindset the mindset for success!

What’s involved & what will you get…..What will you learn….

  • 2 Hour virtual workshop
  • Delivered online via Zoom on <enter date>
  • You’ll be provided with a recording
  • I’ll also give you my best CV templates to get your started!

Who Am I?

Elaine Weir runs CVFriends and is passionate about helping managers & professionals achieve that next career step simply and stress free.

Specialising in CVs & LinkedIn profiles Elaine believes that everyone has the right to be successful. Yet in her experience she finds that so many managers & professionals don’t know how to write a CV or strategise a career search. This leads to them missing out on opportunities they dream of having and taking lesser roles or not following their dreams as their confidence plummets.

Before founding CVFriends Ltd Elaine had a successful management career in both the private and public sectors. From recruitment advertising in a national newspaper, to leading customer experience development teams in a local authority. She is an experienced recruiting manager with over 15 years’ experience of recruiting, leading, and developing teams.

Elaine Weir CV Writer

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The only question left to ask yourself is can you afford not to take part?
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