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Why free CV reviews aren’t really free…

If you’ve been anywhere on Google looking for CV advice, you’re bound to have come across free CV reviews. You know the one’s I’m referring to. Where you visit a CV writing website and as soon as you land on the main page it offers you a free CV review.

Let’s face it you’re in Google looking for help because you either want a new role or you’ve been trying to get a new role and those interviews are scarce. You know you need to improve your CV.

You’ll quickly find oodles of conflicting advice all over the internet on CV writing best practice.

And here you are being offered a review of your CV for FREE. It’s tempting. Of course, it is. It will be for anyone in the same position as you.

The conclusion well it’s free so I’ve nothing to lose.

You hand over your email address, probably your telephone number, and upload your CV. That CV you’ve spent ages writing, tweaking, and then tweaking some more.

You hit submit and wait.

Back comes a report that’s cold and unforgiving. It doesn’t respect the time and energy you’ve put into that CV. It cares nothing for how proud you are of your career. No empathy for the already dwindling confidence reserves that it’s just taken another chunk out of.

It’s purpose? To sell you a new fancy CV written by an ‘expert’ CV writer. It cares nothing for the person on the end of the report, it cares about selling you a service.

It’s not really free…

I see this with clients all the time and by the time they get to me their confidence has been shattered and they truly don’t know where to start.

Because you know the single biggest frustration with many of these Free CV reviews. They don’t tell you how to improve your CV, they simply tell you its rubbish. Why I hear you ask…well they want to sell you a new one.

The purpose of the free CV review is to get your personal details so they can sell you a new CV. To convince you of their worth, they must convince you your CV needs changing and that you need them. Simples…

When is a free CV review worth it…?

Quite simply when the person doing it has no hidden agenda. No more no less. You want genuine help and not a service designed to sell you something.

Only then can you be sure that the review is honest and impartial.

Ask friends, family, colleagues, others in your network for their honest feedback on your CV.

Quite often clients tell me they don’t ask for feedback because they’re not actually sure what they’re asking for. So here are the key tips I give my clients…

  • Does the CV flow?
  • Do they know what you do and what you offer?
  • Are they asking themselves ‘so what?’ at the end of any sentences. This is a key indicator the sentence isn’t adding anything
  • Would they shortlist you?
  • Is it easily readable? Does the formatting work?
  • Accuracy – grammar and spelling are key to a CV

When you get the feedback, you need to appraise it and use it where you feel comfortable.

  • Ask those you believe will be constructive and helpful – you want the advice to be genuine but also honest
  • Be prepared to take the advice in the manner it’s given which is to help you.
  • When you ask be prepared to be open-minded and listen. If you’re feeling over sensitive, it’s harder to accept what you perceive as criticism
  • You don’t have to implement all the advice but do listen because you never know what’ll come.

If there is one key tip, I can give you it’s that this is your CV and you need to be comfortable with it.

It’s selling you and the benefits of you.

When you get an interview, your CV has formed the interviewer’s opinion of you to that point – so make sure you’re comfortable with it.

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