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I get to know YOU!

The majority of online CV writing services will ask you for a copy of your CV or email them your career history. They then use these to populate a pre-formatted template, re-word what you’ve already written and then send it back to you.

I don’t do this; I talk in detail to EVERY SINGLE CLIENT!

I will ask you for your CV. We then talk in-depth about YOU. It’ll be an online chat, which I’ll record so I can refer back to it. I’ll ask you questions and draw out the information that you are holding in your head.

If you ask for a CV, it’s because you don’t know how to write one or you want to improve the one you have. If a CV writer doesn’t talk to you and only uses what you’ve previously drafted, then you are potentially missing out on so much information that could improve your CV.

As a CV expert, I know what makes a good one, so I know what I need to ask you, and I know we need to chat. You don’t provide your cure at the doctor’s; don’t be short-changed and accept this from a CV writer either!

That’s what makes me different…….

I would love to talk to you so I can ensure you are accessing the most appropriate service for your needs.

Simply book a call and we’ll chat.   

Relax though if I can’t help you I won’t take your money! I’ll signpost you to a more appropriate service…

I’m always happy to work with my clients. I recognise that this can be a tough time so let’s talk and see what I can offer.

A CV takes 5 working days from the online consultation.

A LinkedIn Profile takes 5 working days.

If you have a specific date in mind tell me and I’ll see what I can do.

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