GeneralThe Best tips to happinness at work

Want to be happy at work today?

Today is the start of International Happiness at work week. I love this concept and believe strongly that happiness at work is key to so many things.

Your employer benefits because you become more motivated and achieve more. Ultimately, they make more money….

You benefit because you feel calmer, less overwhelmed and stressed. And your health improves – it really does….

So, I could do a long blog post on this. Yet I wanted to keep it simple and give you tips you can implement today to give you a lift.

These won’t provide a long-term solution if there are more fundamental issues*. But they will give you shot of happiness and positive energy. And we all need that occasionally don’t we…

Your 5 Tips to Happiness at Work today….

1. Smile

A colleague (who was known for being happy) once said to me

‘When you get out of bed you make a choice. You either choose to smile or not’

It stuck with me. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and the days feels like a trek up Everest I force on that smile. I say to myself in the morning I choose to smile today.

Initially it’s hard but I commit to that smile. But by late morning it’s stuck there and I’m starting to feel that smile spreading happy vibes from my toes to the tip of my nose!

So, give it a go and choose to smile today!

2. Say Thank You

Say thank you to everyone. No, I don’t mean stand in reception and shout thank you at the top of your voice or send an all organisation email.

It’s the little things, that people do every day. It’s become habit and routine, so we expect them to do it, and this feeds into our subconscious that we don’t need to say thank you.

So, if the receptionist brings you paperwork, look her/him in the eye and say, ‘thank you I appreciate it’.

If you see the janitor emptying the bin go out of your way to say ‘thank you for doing this every day, I really appreciate you’

If one of your team makes you a cup of coffee stop and say ‘thank you for taking the time to make this’

In fact, before you leave home say ‘thank you just for being here’ to your family.

It’ll spread like wildfire, and you’ll see smiles springing up all over the workplace. Then you’ll hear others saying thank you. Before you know it, there’ll be a thank you epidemic!

3. Take a Break

During your working day get some fresh air. Get out of the office, get moving and breath in the outside air. You may not be able to go far but do what you can.

Too many employees eat their lunch at their desk. And by the afternoon this makes them stale, less focused, tired, and starting to feel down.

You don’t want to spend the afternoon looking at the clock until finish time. You want to be focused, full of energy and achieving.

So, at lunchtime get outside, and get moving.

4. Get Organised

Do you find you get so busy at work doing, that you forget to organise and plan. You forget to prioritise and actually achieve

Take 15 minutes to plan your day. Time block each of the tasks in your diary. And stick to it!

Before you leave for the day take 5 mins to review your day.

How much more have you achieved? How much happier are you leaving?

5. Reflect

At the close of the day stop for 5 mins and think about why you do what you do.

Why do you work? Think of at least one reason that makes you get out of bed in the morning. It might be your children, your pets, your annual holiday etc.

Then find one thing to be grateful for today. One thing that you can look back on and smile.

Keep a journal of gratitude.

Go to bed knowing why you work and why you’re grateful

When you get up tomorrow it will be easier to choose the smile!

*  If there are more fundamental issues and you’d like to have a chat. Contact me to book a discovery call where we can look why you’re not happy at work, and more importantly what you can do about it!

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn – I’d love to connect, network, and chat……