Coaching & Mentoring

Managing a team is not quite what you thought it would you're scared they'll discover you can't do the job

Maybe you’ve already considered other solutions but they didn’t work or you didn’t have the confidence to follow through:

How can I help you?

Mentoring (with coaching)

Don’t worry I’m not another Executive Coach, I exist specifically to work with Managers to help you improve your people management skills.

This programme provides regular mentoring sessions which can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your requirements.

I’ll use a combination of mentoring and coaching in each session.

The aim of this programme is to provide you with a sounding board, a trusted advisor/guide you can turn to.

We can focus on:
– Daily people management
– How to get the best from your team
– How to recruit the right person including interviewing skills
– How to handle challenging conversations with no confrontation
– How to trust your team and build their trust in you

When we’ve finished you’ll have an engaged, productive, motivated and loyal team. 
Most importantly you’ll be a confident, empathetic, kind manager who is unafraid to face challenging issues. 

Investment: £150 per hour minimum of 3 sessions 

Coaching (GROW model)

Sometimes it’s not a mentor you need but a coach as there are specific goals you’d like to achieve.

This programme uses the GROW coaching model to help you reach your professional goals.

G – Goal (what is your goal)

R – Reality (where are you now)

O – Options (what are your options)

W – Will (what will you do)

We can focus on a range of goals:
– Your next career step
– Role Searching
– Networking
– Challenges in your role
– anything that is a goal for you, something you’d like to overcome or achieve…

When we’ve finished you’ll have taken action to move you towards your goals, have a forward plan with actions, or have achieved your goals.

Investment: £150 per hour minimum of 3 sessions