CV Review

Do you need a review of your CV?

Someone who acts as a trusted friend and gives you constructive, actionable feedback?

Not one of those reviews where they tell you what’s wrong but don’t tell you how to fix it. A proper review that tells you what you can improve and exactly how to do it?

Maybe you’re a bit like me ready to learn and do it yourself so you don’t need a CV Writer to actually write it for you.

Or possibly you think it’s almost there and you’d just like a professional eye over it.

Whatever your reasons if you need your CV Reviewed then you’re in the right place.

Here at CVFriends we don’t offer free CV reviews to get your information for sales – we offer value reviews that enable you to take action as soon as you get them.

Please note you will receive a pre-recorded review of your CV on the date & time you choose, there will be no 1:1 contact.

What outcomes will you get?

  • A recorded review of your CV
  • Clear and actionable steps to improve your CV immediately
  • Feel more confident about your skills, abilities and achievements
  • Get more interviews without worrying about being constantly rejected

Don't give up

Hey lovely what I can tell you is that there is an easy solution to your job search strategy, so don’t give up yet….

I’ll hold your hand and help you through your career search strategy. 

On a very simple level I know what makes an excellent CV and can write one for you (no generic templates here, we’ll be best friends before I’ve finished!), or I can help you improve the one you’ve already got. If you need more than a CV, I can offer you a complete job search strategy……

Don’t stress it and don’t beat yourself up – think of it like this: if you’re ill you go to a professional, generally a Doctor. 

Well you need a new job and I’m the professional – see simples really….

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