I'm Elaine....

I built a successful management career after two redundancies, a toxic workplace, and imposter syndrome. And you can too!

"As you can see your post doesn't show on the structure chart"

I sat staring at the organisational structure chart in a glass office where people walking down the corridor were looking straight in. That’s how the Chief Executive informed me my role was redundant. No soft words, no pleasantries, no thank you for all your effort and hard work. Simply you don’t exist anymore.

It was my first management position. There was no development or support to build my management skills. I wasn’t prepared for this.

The redundancy process was a shambles (and this is me looking back on it dispassionately 20yrs later). No thought for the wellbeing of the staff team affected. The CEO had a reputation for asset stripping, 2 years in a role where he stripped it bare and sold it on. People were a liability and not an asset.

I knew two things at this point.

  • I would never again let anyone control my career or have that impact on me personally
  • As a Manager I would never treat my teams in that manner and I would always put people first.

"Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to grow"

I hit rock bottom with a thunk. It’s a cold and lonely place. Long days wondering how my career had gone so wrong.

Yet other friends and network connections were growing and growing. I desperately wanted to know the secret, why them and not me.

The answer wasn’t in why not me but in the process. I realised I was set up to fail by a toxic work culture and lack of development.

Add to this I lacked a clear career plan; I was ambling through my career with no clear forward plan. My career was happening to me.

What I did next has enabled my career to go from strength to strength...

I got a job so I could pay the bills and sleep at night without worrying about the content of the 5 letters that had piled through the letterbox that day.

Then I made a plan. Knowing what you want from your career allows you to understand how you can get it, no more no less.

I applied this to all aspects of my management career from leading teams, developing professional skills, building networks, and conducting successful job searches.

I’ve consistently built my career upwards with no periods of redundancy or career gaps.

I’ve consistently achieved personal development goals and developed my management skills

How? Because I know exactly what I want and I develop myself and my career to achieve it!

It’s this that enabled me to create my signature 5 C’s Framework to Management career searches; all supported by my full career plan and consistent personal development.

After all there’s no point in being amazing at finding new roles and up-leveling your career if you’re not actually good at your job…

"Elaine I got an interview for the CEO role..."

I supported a Customer Service Manager with their first CEO application, and they got an interview!

That’s when someone suggested I should set up my own business.

I was ready for a new challenge…

And that’s how The Management Mentor was born…I’m on a mission to help other managers avoid the pitfalls I fell into early in my career.

I work with managers on role searches from understanding your target to creating a complete role search strategy.