CVThe Secret to Writing a Successful CV

The Secret to Writing a Successful CV Today!

How much time have you spent on Google, Bing, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook or other online rabbit holes to learn about the secret to writing a successful CV?

Are you looking for the magic secret sauce because it feels like others have it, and you don’t…yes?

I know how it feels, Jane who you used to work with, submits her CV and gets an interview every time. Yet you submit yours and zip, nada, nothing, silence…

We can talk about Jane another day because I can guarantee she gets no’s (she just doesn’t tell you!). But as I say, that’s for another day…


What would you say if I told you there is a different way to think about your CV?

A way that means you can avoid all the confusing noise online where not one person, even professionals, agree on how to write a successful CV.

Would you be interested?

It’s easy to get drawn into viewing a CV like a standard template.

You visit website after website. Downloading template after template and your career history doesn’t fit into those neatly and conveniently (or not), you’re not told how to adapt them. Or worse, they want you to pay!

Or you try the online resume builders only to get back a poorly written document, badly formatted and clearly based on a standard template and doesn’t feel personal.

Something inside is telling you this isn’t right. Yet all of the professionals out there offer free templates (if you’re lucky) and paid versions if you’re not.

Hell, even we have templates – but we won’t give them out without specific training or a review to match you with a template that fits your exact needs.

So how do you overcome this? How do you know what to do?

Let me challenge you to stop thinking about how to write a CV and start thinking about how to write MY CV.

Your CV is an extension of you. Because it’s a document to highlight you and the outcomes you can bring to an employer.

Yours isn’t going to be the same as Jane’s because you’re unique with different career backgrounds.

So, stop tying yourself in knots trying to be someone else, or follow someone else’s approach. This is you, your career, and your aspirations, so make it reflect that.

Yes, there are some basics you need to consider (don’t reach for Google just yet). I’ll tell you them right now:

Know the role you want.

Value yourself and know the outcomes you can bring directly related to the role you want.

Use the language required, otherwise called keywords – and if you’re not sure, check this post out. [Get started with Keywords]

Keep it simple and straightforward in terms of formatting – don’t try to go for style over substance; content is king when it comes to your CV.

Now just produce something that you think reflects you and the outcomes you can bring to your next employer.

Consider the type of industry you work/want to work in – make sure it fits for this. You know the kind of thing, if you’re a Barrister, don’t vomit rainbows all over the page. If you’re a Graphic Designer, show that.

Now forget everyone else and start thinking about YOUR CV.

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