CVWhy you Can ignore the ATS

Why you can ignore ATS systems…

What does the acronym ATS mean to you?

I can guess…

Doom & gloom

The Nemesis of candidates

It’s existence is purely to reject candidates who don’t keyword stuff their CVs

A robotic system who’s sole existence is to defeat, reject, and destroy candidates!

Would you like to know what it means to me, the reality not the scaremongering tactics created in the mists of time to force candidates to buy from unscrupulous CV writers.

It’s a system to help recruiting managers & HR with the full recruitment lifecycle.

A bit like a CRM (customer relationship management system) for recruitment processes.

It does a lot more than screen CVs. In fact it’s primary purpose isn’t CV screening.

Contrary to popular belief it’s key role is NOT to reject candidates.

If it does screen a CV the parameters will be set by the recruiting organisation. There are a wide set of parameters: the number of times a keyword appears, dates etc…

If you’re trying to write your CV to match all these parameter combinations. You’re setting yourself up to fail.

You’ll tie yourself in knots. It’s like trying to herd cats!

How do I get past an ATS system?

By not worrying about it.

I’ve seen so many CVs written specifically to bypass the ATS yet they came across dreadfully when a person read them.

Remember if you get past the ATS your CV has to be intelligible to a human. Otherwise what’s thepoint you’ll hit the no pile faster than an ATS can reject you.

My advice and the approach I take.

Ignore the ATS. Forget about the ATS.

Just write your CV properly.

  • Simple, clear & modern formatting
  • Keywords – using the language required for the role no more no less
  • Include all your key information
  • Make it achievement focused – really sell yourself

Stop overthinking it and tying yourself in knots.

I see far too many CVs created to ‘beat’ the ATS.

You don’t need to.

What you do need to do is ignore anyone who sells you doom & gloom. Anyone who tells you the ATS is the phantom ghost of candidates. Then ask yourself why they want you to think that…

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